When life gives you lemons… send a meal!

Making the most of the tough times with a meal that matters

Sending sympathy is never easy. At Instead of Flowers, we love celebrating the good times, but also understand the importance of being there for people during the hard times. Our promise is that each meal will truly matter to the person who receives it. Send a little kindness from our kitchen.

Meals that Matter:

From the loss of a loved one to the loss of a job, delivering dinner answers the question, “what can I do to help?” A long-standing tradition, who doesn’t remember their mother carefully cooking a casserole for a sick friend or delivering a meal to send sympathy for a loss? Food has always provided comfort and care.


Something for Everyone:

Our menu is made to carefully curate the perfect dinner for the ones you love. From lasagna to lobster and everything in between – our menu has something for everyone. We offer vegetarian and gluten free options as well as kid menus to cover families both big and small.


Make it Personal:

Whether you make the menu or leave the choices up to your recipient, each dinner is made to matter. Personalize each meal with a sweet sentiment and leave the rest to us!


How it works:

Instead of Flowers Meal Gifts - When life gives you lemons… send a meal!

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