Instead of Flowers has been delivering fresh gourmet meals in the metro Atlanta area since 1990. Whether you need a great gift idea, want to treat yourself, or simply do not have enough time to get a complete dinner on the table for your family, a delivered gourmet meal is just what you need. Instead of Flowers is great for all occasions: new baby, birthdays, get well, new home, anniversaries, thank you or just because.
Our meal from Instead of Flowers was excellent! Truly a perfect gift for our family during a difficult time. The cheesecake bites are THE best!
-Ruth T

I have always given gift certificates but had never ordered for myself. I think every time I order a gift I should treat myself also. Food was delicious! Keep up the good work!
-Connie S

Tonight we enjoyed our second experience with Instead of Flowers. Our first was after our 2nd son was born and we ordered the salmon with lobster sauce. We were thrilled when our dinner came in a high quality reusable freezer tote and ice pack. I actually use the ice pack in my sons packed lunch for school everyday. The items were all neatly and beautifully packaged inside. We knew our meal was going to be special because it looked like so much thought and care was put into preparing our dinner. This evening for a celebration honoring my husband, he and I chose the chicken tettrazini. Once again, we received a nice large tote with delicious items inside. Everything was perfect. The food is high quality and just the right portion for 2 people. I am looking forward to our next special occasion so we can order Instead of Flowers.
-JC Griffin

I was introduced to you guys when my kidneys had a little mishap and I could not get up and cook dinner for my family. So, my boss ordered a meal for my family, all seven of us, and we ate every bit of it! So, for this past father’s day I had no idea what to get my dad so I thought about you guys and placed an order. He along with my mom were very excited and each of them emailed me today as it was delivered last night.
Please see below and thank you! I actually beat my sisters gift for the first time!! LOL
Sandy W

Our meal was sent to us from a patient of my husbands. Most meals sent to people can be a little iffy, but this dinner was the very best. There was not one item that wasn’t just perfect. I had selected the brisket meal for our Friday night dinner and I must say I stuffed myself. My husband showed a little more control but not by much. We are looking forward to sending meals for special occasions to friends and family.
The Perlsteins

I have been laid up for 6 weeks with serious spinal surgery. My tennis group ordered a lovely meal for me instead of flowers. It was our anniversary week but after the 5th day after surgery I sure didn't feel like any celebration. But last week we uncorked the champagne and had your lovely beef bourguignon dinner with beans, salad, noodles and choc/caramel brownies. It was a lovely celebration for 39 years together!
As I wrote to my girlfriends who chipped in, "Ladies, we had a lovely meal gratis you all last evening. I'm not just saying this but the food was good - really, really good. I'd recommend to anyone. Such great idea and I thank you all so very much"

I had surgery on June 2nd and friends had a meal delivered to us on the 9th from Instead of Flowers. When we received the phone call on the 5th of June (the day I came home from the hospital) it was a total, pleasant surprise. We will definitely use this service in the future. It's a great idea for a "thank you, thinking of you or just because" as well. You all ROCK!
Susan Eadie
Lawrenceville, Georgia

From the on-time delivery in the great reusable, insulated bag to the final bite of the apple bar, our Instead of Flowers meal was perfection! Everything was just the right temperature and seasoning. We enjoyed the chicken tetrazzini with the sides and home made rolls. And the apple bars are now my favorite dessert! A second supper was made possible by just adding a bit more vegetables.
Thank you for this amazing service that all enjoy whether receiving or sending.
All the best,

My husband and I have just finished our first dinner from instead of flowers. My husband yelled out THIS IS THE BEST MEAL I HAVE HAD ALL YEAR and it really was. Everything from salad to rolls to REAL turkey, stuffing, oven baked potatoes and dessert was amazing. I will definitely order again and often.
Thank you for a great dinner
Bonnie B.

My husband and I received a meal from my co-workers, as a gift, while I was out recovering from surgery. What a GREAT idea! It was truly amazing and delicious! We actually had enough food for 2 meals. It was delivered to our porch in a very nice insulated bag that we can use over and again for other outings. It was beautifully wrapped in attractive containers with colorful bows. We absolutely loved it! I will definitely use Instead of Flowers in the future for gifts for my friends and family.
Gary and Charlotte Applequist

After recovering from open heart surgery, my wife and I wanted a heart healthy meal. My good friend, Brad Haertel, realized that we had received enough flowers. We had the superb seared salmon dinner that made one of first meals home from the hospital memorable and satisfying.
Steve H.

What a wonderful surprise to get a bag with a full dinner on our doorstep after 5 days of chemo with my son! The lasagna, salad, squash and zucchini, rolls, and cheesecake squares were delicious and eaten by all. Instead of flowers called and let us know it was being delivered and asked where to leave it with kindness and compassion. Thank you Instead of Flowers!
Josette P.

What a great service you provide. Friends of ours gave my husband and me one of your "Deluxe Dinners for Two" as a Golden Anniversary present. Not only was it a WONDERFUL dinner but it was fun going on line and trying to make the dinner selection. Then when the food arrived it was all beautifully packaged, with instructions, etc. I did not have to refrigerate it because it was in a thermal bag and I just pulled it out when I was ready to heat it up. I had to do very little in the way of getting it ready and after that it was candlelight and roses. I can't thank my friends enough for their thoughtfulness with such a lovely gift and I thank you for delivering it and making for a special dinner. I will definitely recommend Instead of Flowers to others.
Nelson and Jerry Carter

My husbands job arranged to have this meal delivered to me shortly after his death. What a GREAT Surprise!! I had the Seared Salmon with Lobster Sauce Meal. All of it was absolutely delicious and complete with instructions for heating. It was also packaged with colorful ribbons and delivered very nicely.

I will most definitely use this service for others and for pampering myself. Thank You so much.
Sha'aron F.

Recently while recovering from major surgery, I had the pleasure of receiving dinner for 6 from Instead of Flowers. The experience began with incredible customer service- a pre-arranged time to deliver the meal, a call stating the meal had been delivered. How impressed I was with the quality of the food and its presentation. The brisket was displayed attractively in its dish, the salads were packaged with raffia ties and separated into its parts to assemble when we were ready. The entire meal from salads to dessert was incredibly fresh and tasty. The quality and professionalism of Instead of Flowers is what I will remember. Thanks for making the burden on my family so much lighter!
Sally B.

Wow, what a dinner my wife and I had. The deluxe salmon dinner was fantastic. We felt like we were in a 5 star restaurant . especially with the back round classical music we played from our CD player. The cooking instructions were perfect. Many thanks for being part of our life.
Philip and Susan B.

What a great idea...will use your services soon and always ...INSTEAD OF FLOWERS!!!
Mary S.

On December 16th we enjoyed your gourmet meal for two as a gift from the Vietnam Veterans Association during my recovery from surgery. The meal was delicious, well presented, and everything was perfect. We totally enjoyed the entire meal and especially the main course, a yummy pork dish. Really was gourmet. We think this is a great idea and alternative for recognizing someone's achievement or helping the caregiver when someone is sick.
Bill and Jan Miller
Woodstock, GA

Thank you for the delicious meals I have received while recovering from surgery. Delicious, beautifully presented, generous portions. True value.

We had our first ever meal delivered this week. The seafood creole dinner for two. What a wonderful surprise it was. Everything was delicious and so very fresh. The salad tasted as if it had just been made. There was plenty to eat for a hungry husband ( who has been doing all the cooking for the past month since I have been flat on my back with lower back issues) There was even enough for me to have for lunch the following day. I will definitely use "Instead of Flowers" the next time I want to do something for a friend who happens to be "under the weather" for whatever reason. I do recommend them highly. It is a fantastic idea.
Arline B.

I just wanted to let you know that the food was wonderful. We really enjoyed it. And it was especially nice given that we had been eating hospital food for three weeks! Thank you so much for making it low sodium, but still tasty. Thank you!
Loree S.

My husband and I were sent a meal from Instead of Flowers this week. I had some surgery and really needed friends to bring (or send) food since I didn't feel like shopping, preparing, cooking and serving a meal.

The food that was delivered by Instead of Flowers was fabulous. Delightful! It was delivered on time in the cutest bag and so carefully packaged. All we did was unpack the bag, heat up the entrees and enjoy the delicious food! Everything was fresh and delicious. Yummy dessert too. I will remember Instead of Flowers and the people who sent it to me forever. I am definitely using IOF in the future to send to those in need. So much better than flowers!

Thank you and I hope you continue in your business for a very long time because I plan on using your services.
Susan A.

We received two nights of meals after having our second child. I had seen the commercials before and thought it was a good idea, but was curious if they would be good or not. I was happy with both the meals we received and thought they were both delicious. I would happily recommend this to anyone and hope in the future to use this as a gift for someone else.
Thank you again! This is a great idea!
Emily T.

We just consumed a great meal. We received a gift meal from friends and y'all allowed us to custom design it. THANK YOU!
Karen & Jack Fishman

Enjoyed all the wonderful foods yummy
Linda Miller

Instead of Flowers delivered a delicious meal, on time, and gave my husband and I one of the best meals we have had after having our baby. Their staff was very helpful and the food was amazing! Thank you for your wonderful service!
Elizabeth Smith

I just wanted to let you folks know my wife and I are enjoying your very good meals. Since my wife is recovering from a cancer operation her thoughtful Bridge group friends ordered the meals to help us out. We have the meatloaf and chicken dinners. Your meals are pretty large so it took the two of us two days to finish just the meatloaf dinners. They were very good! The meatloaf and salad were super. Now we are looking forward to the chicken parmesan.

I was given a gift certificate to Instead of Flowers when I had my baby in September--I could not have received a better gift! The meals are wonderful, and it was a HUGE help to have them delivered to my doorstep in those first few weeks after brining home our daughter. I cannot recommend the quality of the food and the ease of the service enough. I will definitely be using this service for our family -- and as a gift to others -- in the future!
Kristin Hansen

I received a meal for 2 from which I selected the shrimp scampi and the side items that come with that meal. The mandarin salad was delicious but the dressing was awesome, the main course was very tasty, and the side vegetables were yummy. The dinner rolls were good, and the cheesecake squares completed a very nice meal.

We were treated by out-of-town friends to the marvelous pork tenderloin dinner as my husband was recovering from open-heart surgery. It was absolutely terrific! Everything was so flavorful and fresh. We even have enough left-overs for a second dinner. In addition to enjoying the thoughtfulness of our friends, I’m delighted to know of your service which we can use in similar situations in the future.
Glenda B

I received a meal on Feb 14, that I selected the pork roast, of which, there was so many slices. I also requested the mandarin salad again with extra dressing (need to buy that). The mashed potatoes were delicious, along with the rolls. The snap peas were very fresh and the butterscotch squares were the perfect ending to another delicious meal from your company.
I also have added your number to my contact list as I know I'd rather send a meal than flowers. Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality and service you provide. I had family members give me a gift certificate during a difficult time. I now use the site for others and have even ordered when I was too busy to cook (or going out of town and needed to feel like the family ate healthy food). Everything we have tried has been wonderful. I have tried many delivery meal services in the past, and this is the only one I have used again and again. Thanks so much for providing excellent food and polite service.
Staci L. Pearce
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Friends of ours ordered the beef brisket to be delivered the day my husband and I moved into our new house. With the stress of moving and unpacking, the meal was a wonderful surprise. The beef brisket was so delicious and the mandarin salad with the asian dressing was so good and unique. We truly loved our experience and such a wonderful gift for many different occasions.
Kristi North

I had a meal delivered today as a surprise for my sister's birthday. It exceeded my expectations! it was packaged perfectly and delivered on time. the food was simply are a find!I have become a raving fan. I may never have flowers delivered again!
GG Getz

I received a dinner for 2 as a gift. I chose the salmon with wild rice. The meal was wonderful! All of the food was cooked to perfection and easy to serve. Everything was delicious. Loved the rocky road brownies! I
Georgia Geiger

Loved our dinner gift from Rucker and Frances McCarty. Delivered as said and it was very good. Thank you for such a great idea. Will use it soon.
Linda and Ed

Thank you so much for the delicious food that was delivered to my house. The food was excellent.
Linda H.

A couple of weeks ago a favorite neighbor of ours sent us a deluxe dinner as a thank you for a very small thing we did to help her. A week or so later, we ordered the beef bourguignon dinner for two. You delivered it the next afternoon exactly as promised and in a very pretty insulated "tote". It was waiting for us when we got home.

Although I should have expected it, I was amazed at how delicious it was. The salad was fresh, the dressing wonderful (my wife wondered if we could buy some from you), the beef was superb. Also, the butterscotch bars were fabulous. Nothing could have been done to provide a better dinner. It also was enough to feed us for two nights.

This is simply a wonderful treat for someone and I can't think of anything that would have pleased us more. In the future, we will think of you first for any thank you presents we chose to give. It's always a pleasure to give something you really enjoyed receiving.

Thanks for the great service,
Jerry and Maureen Osgood

Thank you for our delicious dinner! Everything was amazing...especially the butterscotch bars! Perfect thing to come home to after a long day of work.
Bri and Rob Necessary

Instead of Flowers is great! I have been lucky enough to be on both the receiving end and the giving end of their wonderful service! Their food is fabulous, not to mention the lovely presentation. I always receive great feedback from those I have “gifted” with their meals. You’ll never go wrong with a meal from Instead of Flowers.
Lynne O’Brien

I am 75 and thought I knew all good things in atlanta. I had a thumb operation last week and a couple of friends gave this as a get well gift...I am a expert in food and eating it....your food really impressed thing was better than the next...since we got the gift i have thanked the people who gave it to us 3 times (thats how impressed we are) and told all my children and friends about your company....I told one couple and they said they have given themselves a present three is better , cheaper and easier than going out....dont know how long you have been in business but I hope you well.....we will be giving your products in the future and also have it for our own dinner.....
Jerry Kraft

We received one of your delightful dinners for my birthday. It was absolutely delicious. We chose the turkey and dressing entre and enjoyed the favorable blend of herbs and seasoning in our selection. Our grandson said it reminded him of Thanksgiving. The broccoli with herb butter was prepared to perfection. My favorite was the mandarin orange salad with the vinaigrette dressing. My husband loved the butterscotch squares as well as the French rolls. Everything was so fresh and tasty. I saved your card and will definitely use you in the near future. What a GREAT GIFT!!
Thank You,

We just had a meal delivered by a friend. It was sooo good. I will never send flowers to a friend again. We will for sure order your meal for someone in the near future! Great company! How clever!
Ali and Jay Roby

My husband and I returned from the hospital where he had had surgery. Something was sitting in front of our door! We walked up to our doorway and there sat a beautiful large green quilt like covered bag with a handsome gold emblem and lettering. The paper attached gave us the promise of a marvelous gift from our good friend Seegar Swanson. What a surprise! What a homecoming!
The first thing we did when we entered the house was to go to the kitchen and open up the bag. WOW! In this zippered insulated bag, which alone is a gift, were numerous containers encircled with various ribbons and labeled with the contents. Unbelievable! There was even a small ice pack under the meat. Well, what we received was a gourmet dinner which lasted us for so many meals. I did not have to go to the store. Yippee!!! My husband who has a poor appetite ate and enjoyed what he ate. This magic bag held vegetables, meat, salad with dressing, rolls, dessert, a card from Seegar and a great magnet about the company. The presentation was excellent, the quantity amazing and the food superb.
You have a fine company which performs a service. Thank you for the delightful meals and the great bag!
Nana Freret
I just received a meal from Instead of Flowers. Besides being so excited about having a delicious meal already prepared for me, my whole experience with Instead for Flowers was perfect—the young lady who took my request, was so patient with all my questions and gave me great. additional information. My meal arrived at the designated time I had been told and the gentleman who delivered it was wonderful and had the nicest manners, he was very upbeat, very kind to my dog, and was very attentive to making sure I understood final instructions to get it to the table. He also was sweet as to make sure he was not interrupting me from what I may have been doing.I look forward to ordering for myself and for others.
Thank you,
Cathy McLain
I just had twins, and was given a gift certificate for two meals from Instead of Flowers. It has been a great gift! We had the beef bourguignon last night, and it was delicious. It came with a salad with delicious dressing, rolls, two sides and plenty of the main dish. My mother was here when it was delivered, and we were so excited opening up the package (it came in a very nice insulated bag that can be reused as well). The meal exceeded all expectations. We are getting the salmon delivered next week, and I am already looking forward to it. It is most definitely a great gift, and more enjoyable than flowers! Thank you.

Dear friends of ours ordered a Instead of Flowers dinner for us. I just had surgery and could not cook. We have never used Instead of Flowers and were really excited to get a special dinner. We went to the web site and created our own meal. We ordered a day ahead of deliver. They delivered right on time. Our meal came in a cute thermo tote. All the courses were ties with colorful ribbon and heating instructions. But, most important....our dinner was delicious and plentiful. We had the Jambalaya, Caesar salad, green beans, fresh rolls and cheese cake squares.

We were very impressed and pleased. We have shared our experience with other friends. We plan on using Instead of Flowers for gifts and for ourselves.... when we don't want to cook and have a healthy meal.

From a happy customer,
Marcia Champagne

My son had serious surgery this summer and my family was the lucky recipient of a gift certificate from Instead of Flowers. Two of his very best friends gave it to us, along with their families. We had neighbors who cooked dinner for us while he was in the hospital for about 10 days straight which was MUCH appreciated. The Instead of Flowers staff called us three times, reminding us to take advantage of our gift and schedule our dinner. We kept putting it off because I (the patient's mother) love to cook and even do so for a local restaurant. As you might expect, we have high standards for our dinners! Thankfully our son has recovered and we are heading to Hilton Head on vacation tomorrow AM. We decided that it would be really nice not to have to make dinner tonight. We cashed in our gift certificate and were thrilled with the delicious eggplant parmesan dinner. I loved the way that everything was wrapped and packaged. The insulated bag is perfect and can be re-used. The dinner was so fabulous. Just an absolutely awesome meal and made our lives so much easier. I have already written a thank you note to our gift givers, but will text them tonight and let them know just how delicious the meal was. Thank you, Instead of Flowers. Wish I'd thought of this!!
Pamela McK.

Fabulous! Absolutely the best "post operation" gift we received!! Everything was delicious, brought at the scheduled time, and packaged beautifully!! The selections were varied and we had a hard time choosing our meal. Now that we have tried the pork loin, which we highly recommend, we look forward to trying some of their other dishes. Thank you to our friend for this lovely gift!
Gregg F.

Writing to say you all know how much I love the service and the food because I order all the time! It is my “go-to” item to send to people who are home bound for some reason. The people who receive the food always call to say thanks and how good the food is! I love flowers, but the meal is so useful and very good. As long as I get rave reviews from the people I send it to, I will continue to use Instead of Flowers.
Kay R.

we received a dinner last night as a gift after spending a few days at Scottish rite with our daughters surgery. an unexpected surprise and delicious meal during the chaos. (South of the Border chicken, Mexican rice, Texas corn salad and cheese cake bites). Meal was professional packaged and not a bite left. Thanks for your service!
Brad Norman

We recently had a baby and our wonderful friends sent us a meal from Instead of Flowers - what a nice treat! We really enjoyed our meal and those rocky road bars are to die for! Even my picky 4yo enjoyed the fish sticks. The meals were fresh and delicious. I'll definitely order in the future. We had the chicken tetrazini meal and fish sticks kids meal. Even came in a nice cooler to keep :) Thanks!
Melanie V

Shipping Information:
Our meals and all other food products are always fresh and never frozen. Because of this, we only ship overnight or via a local courier. We are based in the Atlanta, GA and will use a courier service to deliver your order quickly. Once an order is placed, we will contact the recipient to inform them of our delivery window- this is done to ensure that someone is home or will be home shortly to receive the order. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver on holidays.

Shipping Guidelines:

1. Orders shipped via FedEx must be placed by 5pm and require a 48hr notice.
2. Orders shipped via FedEx may be ordered 7 days a week and will be delivered Tue-Fri only by 5pm.

3. Orders shipped via a metro Atlanta courier must be ordered by 3pm (M-F)to be delivered the next business day. Local deliveries will be made between 3-6pm.*

*We Appreciate as much notice as possible.*
Our meals are chilled and placed in a re-usable cooler (FedEx deliveries) to allow the freshest delivery possible. Preparation instructions are also included for your convenience.
Overnight shipping charges are calculated online automatically based upon FedEX rates.
With respect to delivery of food products, Instead of Flowers acts as a bona fide purchasing agent of delivery services for our customer. As such, the point of sale for sales tax and risk of loss purposes occurs when your food is picked up by the delivery service at our location, 1331 Marietta Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30318. All sales are considered to be ‘free-on-board’ (FOB) shipping point.

How are recipients notified of the gift?
If a Recipient's Choice meal is purchased, we will call them to notify them that a meal has been purchased. We can also email if that is preferred.
If a Gift Certificate is purchased, we will either mail or email the certificate depending on which method is selected by the sender.

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate?
If you already have an account, simply visit, login and enter your gift certificate number. If you're new to, visit, and create an account. Once your account has been created, there is a link at the bottom of the account page to redeem your gift certificate.

Do you deliver on the weekends?
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver on the weekends, however we deliver Monday-Friday between the hours of 3pm & 6pm. For a weekend meal, we recommend delivery for Friday and reheating when you are ready to enjoy.

Do you deliver on holidays?
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver on the following holidays:
New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

What is the difference between shipping and delivery?
All out of state orders and some distant Georgia orders are shipped via FedEx Express. All local/Metro Atlanta orders are delivered via courier.

Can I substitute menu items?
Yes, you can design your own meal by changing side items. There may be an additional charge for substituting a deluxe item for a standard item.

What is your order cut-off time?
All orders must be ordered by 3pm the day prior to your desired delivery/pick-up date.

Are your meals ready to eat?
Our meals require reheating. Please follow the recommended reheating instructions that come with every meal.

Do you have to remove the plastic lid from the container prior to reheating?
Yes, the foil pans are oven/microwave safe, but the plastic lids must be removed before reheating in the oven.

Do I have to be home to accept delivery?
No, all meals are made fresh, refrigerated, and then delivered to your door in an insulated cooler bag. We do recommend that you are at home to accept delivery to insure the freshness of the meal by immediately storing the items in your refrigerator. If you are not home, your meal will be left for you.

What is the difference between Standard Meals & Deluxe Meals?
There is a difference in menu options, as well as, price. The Deluxe Meals are our upgraded menu options, and the Standard Meals are our more basic, home-style menu options. The Deluxe Meals for 2 people & 4 people are $10 more than the Standard Meals. The Deluxe Meals for 6 people are $15 more than the Standard Meals.

Do you offer meals for those with dietary restrictions? ie: gluten free, low sodium, low fat, kosher style, vegan
With at least 48 hours notice we can design a meal to fit within your dietary needs.

If I have received at Standard Meal, may I add the additional charge and get a Deluxe Meal or a meal for more people?
Yes, we would simply need a credit card at the time of order for any additional charges.
Who do I contact regarding a charge on my credit card?
If you have a question regarding a charge on your credit card please feel free to contact us by phone to discuss @ 404-351-7171. If you dispute any charge with your issuing credit card company our merchant service company automatically charges us a $15.00 fee. Therefore if your dispute is our error we will absorb the fee; however, if the dispute is your error we will have to transfer that $15.00 fee back to you. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.