Fall in Love With Pretty Porch Dinner Dates

Our Tips for the Perfect Porch Meal

Fall is here and that means, crisp autumn weather and pretty porch dinners. Here are tips for creating the perfect porch date night!

1. Menu musts:

Date nights at home can be just as fancy and fun as dinner out at the finest restaurant. Our three-course menus offer a culinary experience in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy an evening with someone special at home and let us do the cooking. Take a peek at our perfect porch date night menu.

Instead of Flowers Meal Gifts - Fall in Love With Pretty Porch Dinner Dates

2. Set the scene:

Create a pretty place to dine to make you feel like you are somewhere special. We love the idea of taking a tray and adding a placemat for a to-go dinning experience. Trays allow you to dine on that comfy outdoor couch by the outdoor fire or even picnic style. Prefer a table? Just add some table linens and candlelight for that extra special touch.

Instead of Flowers Meal Gifts - Fall in Love With Pretty Porch Dinner Dates

3. Sunset view:

Our easy to prepare meals allow you to time your meal just right. Simply follow the heating instructions on your dish and you are ready to enjoy both the meal and the sunset!

4. Who needs a sitter:

The best part of a date night in for a family, no sitter is needed. Did you know we also offer a children’s menu? Our items are kid tested and approved! From chicken fingers to butter noodles, keep the kids fed and happy with a delicious dinner you don’t have to cook!

We hope you enjoyed these porch dinner tips – what’s your favorite date night in tip?

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